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Gutter Cleaning & Inspection

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26 Fri 2015 shoreclean Comments: 0

Shore Clean Gutter Clean and Inspection

All gutters are cleaned by hand and flushed with the water coming from your outdoor spigot. The system is then checked for proper pitch, drainage and structural conditions.

We also make every effort to assess the condition of the fascia board and soffits to ensure that there is no damage and that all wood components (fascia, soffits, eaves, plywood, rafter tails, etc.) are in functional operating order then reporting any problem areas we find.

We also attempt to remove as much loose debris as possible on the roof eaves closest to the gutters. Excessive roof debris may be removed for an additional minor charge.

After cleaning the gutters, and flushing the leaders, all debris that came off the roof or out of the gutters is raked up, bagged and removed. Keep in mind, we only rake and bag the debris that we removed from the gutters and roof.

We are fully bonded and insured with workman’s comp and liability insurance for you protection and peace of mind.

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